A clean car is one of the most incredible feelings to enjoy.  After a long trip, a tiring week, or just a car that has been neglected for months, having a clean car to step into makes a person feel new again.  But there is a difference when you go to a “car wash” verses having us come to your door.  Let’s take a look:
  1. A car wash will never give you that deep, meticulous cleaning that JCM provides.  When we clean your car inside and out a human hand is taking care of every dirty crevice and every hidden piece of dirt.  We take cleaning to an entirely new level.  
  2. A car wash causes more harm than good.  First, a car wash never thoroughly removes the dirt, which further scratches your paint when they dry it by hand.  Second, those that are vacuuming your car are motivated only by how quickly they can finish.  At JCM we take the time.  We hand brush the carpet to first gather dirt hidden deep underneath.  We make sure the dirt is removed out of the crevices of the seat.  If we have to we will even remove seats to get to the dirt nobody can see.  
  3. Your time is valuable, and when you can have JCM come to your door step that means you can spend time with your family.  That is the best money spent.
A SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS:  We specialize in cars that serve to transport children from one event to another.  Having a clean car during the month helps kids respect where they are, keeps a clean sanitary environment (no bacteria and hidden germs), and helps keep your mind free of unnecessary clutter and stress.